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LH Ladner's Original Yellow Blackmouth Curs

About LH Ladner's Blackmouth Curs


The Ladner Blackmouth Cur is a dog that is native to the south Mississippi and gulf coast area.  L.H. Ladner has been hunting and breeding these dogs all of his life.  He is 60 years old and has been breeding generation after generation of good treedogs all of his life.  L.H. Ladner's father and grandfather bred and hunted these dogs for years before that.   They have been in the Ladner family for many years.
    Most of the Ladner Blackmouth Curs will be yellow, reddish yellow, or red with a blackmouth.  Some will have a black mask.  They will range in size from 35 to 75 pounds.
    These dogs are bred for ability and intelligence which is one reason that they are so versatile.  They have a strong natural desire to please their master.  Most can be controlled by the tone of voice that the master uses and they can be trained to do anything.  These Curs are very good natured and are very good around kids.  We have seen many that were vicious kill dogs on varmints, yet play with the kids using extreme care not to hurt them.  These Curs intelligence and natural ability shows in the ease with which they can be trained.  You don't have to be a professional trainer or expert to get a good treedog with  the Ladner Curs.  They only need to be exposed to the woods and the game to do what comes natural for them.
    The Ladner Curs are intelligent enough to be used for every thing from pets to search and rescue dogs.  L.H. Ladner donated a pup to the Forrest County Search and Rescue team.  Mr. Carl Swann of Hattisburg, Miss. wrote that Dixie has certified in level 1 of wilderness training and has received certification in water recovery of a drowned victim.  These certifications are given by the American Search & Rescue Ass. and the National Search & Rescue Ass.  This was in 1993, since then Dixie has many more certifications and achievements.  She been used successfully in the
recovery of drowned victims and lost kids.
    These dogs can excel at many things, but they are used mainly as game getters on Squirrel, Coon, Bobcat, Mt. Lion, Bear, and Hogs.  They are bred by hunters for hunters to fill the game sack, with Squirrel and Coon their specialty.  There are satisfied owners of Ladner Blackmouth Curs all over the United States.  We are convinced that if you try one you will join many others that are pleased with the Ladner Blackmouth Cur.

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