LH Ladner's Yellow Blackmouth Curs - Best of Breed for Yellow Blackmouth Cur Tree Dogs

LH Ladner's Original Yellow Blackmouth Curs

Ladner's Blackmouth Curs Latest Photos


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  • MVC-003S
    LH Ladner and his blue dog.We breed complete blue litters.
  • Ggg
    Brian Hussel in Tennessee said his young pups will really put a bear up a tree.
  • Hunt2007
    2005 hunt! We've come a long ways with the Ladner Blackmouth Curs.
  • MVC-003S-(2)
    Queen on bay with a hog she is a great tree dog.
  • Puppies
    This is what most of our pups look like.
  • Queen-&-Rambo-3
    Rambo and Queen,both are really hard tree dogs and the pups that come out of this cross tree at a early age,and make super tree dogs.
  • Dog-on-coon-2
    Rambo at 8 months old, one of our top dogs fighting a coon.Me and dad traned him starting at 4 months old ,he placed in 2th place in the ladner squirrel hunt this year.



These are some of the lastest photos we have and welcome our friends photos for display here as well. Enjoy!